About Us

 Object ...

(1) Promote a spirit of deaf and hard hearing alumni unity and camaradenrie through communication and reunions among deaf and hard hearing alimni.

(2) Location of deaf alumni and acquisition/maintenance of school memoriabilla.


Purpose ...

(1) To advance the interests of the organization

(2) To promote the welfare of the deaf schools and deaf education programs within Tarrant County

(3) To foster close relations among FWRDSDAA members


Goals ...

(1) Help Identify, select and develop FWRDSDAA leaders

(2) Foster good communication with the local deaf community

(3) Promote fellowship between members and establish actuve contact with eligible and future members

(4) To hold a reunion every two (2) years where members, fanilies, and friends may intermingle socially


Who Can Be Members of FWRDSDAA ?


(1) Any deaf or hard hearing individual who has attended any school within Tarrant County

(2) Any teachers and support staff who have worked/work at any school with the deaf and/or hard of hearing students

(3) Any deaf or hard of hearing students in any Tarrant County schools

(4) Honorary members as voted by FWRDSDAA